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Prime Rib Thursdays

It is that time of the year again. The leaves change, the days get shorter and colder, and you’re reaching for your winter coat. The cold weather doesn’t always bring bad things when it comes to dining at Rosie’s Italian Grille.

Every Thursday night Executive Chef Eric Kish offers our guests a hearty and savory dish he has come to love over the years – garlic and horseradish encrusted Prime Rib. This meal (or preparing this meal) is what made Chef Eric realize he wanted to be a chef. He says that it is the first dish (that he can recollect) that he mastered. It didn’t go so well the first time he admitted.

The process of cooking Prime Rib involved so many different aspects that he soon learned. If you don’t use enough seasoning, if you marinate it too long or not long enough, cooking it at too high of a temperature, so on and so forth. But, we all know that we learn from failure and so he persevered and kept cooking Prime Rib until he finally mastered it.

For only $18.99 guests can receive a 10-oz cut of Prime Rib and one of our delicious side dishes, like our Asiago whipped potatoes. We suggest pairing your Prime Rib entree with one of our red wines off of our extensive wine list.

Our pick for a wine pairing would be the Barone Fini Merlot from Italy. This Merlot has soft and velvety with bold flavors of cherries and plums with a hint of spice. You can get it by the glass for $7.95 or a bottle for $32.00 to complement your entree and enjoy a wonderful night out.